NEW MUSIC: Word Of Life - Domina (With Lyrics)

Gospel music group, Word Of Life has released its first single of the year, 2022. 

The song, Domina is from a place of worship, solemnness, surrending and complete submission to the will of God. 

Download Audio Here 

He could hear the people's voices screaming loud a giciye shi
With tears all he could do was stare and let them be

He paid the price 
She ya mutu Domina 
Har ya kai ga giciye 
Idanun sa sai hawayai

Forever I am yours 
Ya yesu ga ninan 
With everything I am
I am yours(2x)

O ya yesu na
Mai zan baba
Ga yabo
Please take my praise

Please take my praise(2x)
Ga yabo
Please take praise

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