Our Definition:

Ritradio is an online radio that lets you listen from anywhere in the world, whatever the time.


Our Vision:

As we are the fastest rising online radio, we gear towards becoming the best and most trusted online radio company in the world, even as we spur our listeners, always, to demand the best of everything while they maintain ethical and moral standards.


Our Mission:

*To use the latest technology; internet, in contributing to the welfare of the society sustainably.

*To educate, inform, enlighten, and entertain our people with unparalleled performance.

*To check societal ills and speak up against them.

*To use the expertise of our amazing presenters in provoking a culture of excellence from our listeners, customers, and stakeholders.


Our Values:

From every context of MORALITY, we treat our business with INTEGRITY, even as we COOPERATE with our customers and stakeholders for better PRODUCTIVITY and endless INNOVATION.


Our services:

Music airplay:


Blogging of songs, articles, books etc.

Gospel message airplay.

Live recordings

Live audio streaming

Live facebook video streaming

Event management.


And even music Production.


Why we are unique:

* We do advertisements via all our social media platforms, stations website, and streaming services.

* We are always connected; 24/7.

* Our global coverage: Our top Listeners are from the USA, through Togo, Nigeria, Ghana, and India.

*Our influence: An average of 1000 people listens to Ritradio per day.

* Low data rate: With just 2mb, our listeners could connect to us for an hour.

* Our flexibility: we can bring all our services to your door post.

* Our expertise: Ritradio can proffer solutions to all your internet related and media problems.

* Our Special programs: we organize special events; street shows, gala dinners, popcorn hangouts, and other amazing cruises.


Target Listeners:

Because we are online, we have no restrictions as to the age or gender of our listeners. But 70% of our listeners are between the ages of 18 - 40.


Office Address:

Our office is located in Jos, along Abattoir road, Plateau State, Nigeria.


Contact Address:



Email: ritradiolive.com


Social Media Platforms:

Website: www.ritradio.com

Facebook Page: Ritradio Live

Twitter: @Ritradio

Instagram: Ritradio


Connect with us today via www.ritradio.com.ng

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