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Ecclesiastes 3:1-11, Dan 2:20, Gen 8:22
God has ordained times and seasons to regulate what humanity does. However, he is not controlled by time.
Most failures and successes in life are tied to one's ability to use the times and seasons well.

The major differences between time and season are that while time passes and never returns, seasons can resurface, they can be repeated.
All men are operating at different times and seasons. Thus, it is folly to try to compete with someone at a different timezone. Comparing your season with someone else' can kill your sense of contentment in life.
To live without the consciousness of the realities of times and season is to live a wasteful life. And to take onto a new season is to stop living in the previous season.
Every opportunity you enjoy is within time. Learn to quit when your season is over. Don't operate in another person's season.
There are giants at all seasons, conquer them. Some seasons could be very scary, face them with courage.

Acknowledge and appreciate the season God is taking you through even if you don't like it.
There are things God cannot do for you, He allows man to manage the currency of time. It is up to you to use your time however you please. In the end, your use of time will largely determine your results.
Even so, the good news is that when God is with you, you will enjoy the best use of your time.
If you've not, accept Him to be Lord over the times and seasons of your life. To be your Lord and personal saviour.
PRAYERS POINTS: May God give you the grace to maximize the season you're in.
Everything that has held you for long in the tough season of your life should be destroyed in Jesus name.
Anything that is stopping you from accessing my new level must be destroyed in Jesus' name.
Rev. Meshack Samson

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