WITH CHAINS WAS I BORN by Christopher Napoleon || Ritradio


With chains was I born 
Into the clumsy hands of slavery
Dead always lurking in the dark
For what was my crime to deserve this
I was only an infant 
I knew not my crime
To be punished this way
Cursed I feel to be a citizen of this land.
So hard I try to break from my bondage.
But knocked down hard was all I got
I looked up to my dad, my mentor
He said all is as it should be

My mother says son bear it all
Over and over again the system screwed me
I feel I lost my virginity 
A prostitute to the system 
Have I become 

Like the eagle shall I rise
And free shall I declare myself 
Loud as thunder shall my voice be
My shackles falling free
No to oppression from my leaders
No to brutality, no to hunger
No to insecurity, no to bad governance
No to injustice and no to corruption
I refused to be silent 
For I will be better and make my homeland better 

© Christopher Napoleon

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