Several ideas get rejected because they are not well formed, or their roots are not strong enough for the buyer(s) of the ideas.

While pitching for a grant I noticed that the investors were more receptive to pitches for businesses that have already taken off the ground and are at least partially stable; no one wants to stake their money on the losing horse.

The truth is that life is harsh, that reality is biting and you need to help yourself because no one else would. You have to show that you are ready to accept help when it comes and not continue to be pampered all your life like a child who refuses to grow.

Before you get noticed you must leave your hole and poke your head up; you have to level up and be prepared to seize any opportunity that comes your way.

Imagine a writer with no manuscripts; a musician with no songs; a farmer with no piece of land to cultivate; or a footballer with no boots. You are not prepared but want to get noticed… think again. Nobody knows what you offer, no one knows how good you are, so picking you for a job might mean trouble for the employer and you just become a liability to the organization if indeed your skills are not above par.

Take a step today, right now, and start something. Don’t just stay at zero, add one to it, and then add one to that. There are people out there who are willing to help lift you up, but you have to take the first step. Show some effort and someone will give you that extra lift.

Written by Banret Dashan

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