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Sammie, as I call her, and I have been friends almost all our lives. Best of pals, best buddies and partners in crime (household crimes though; if there's anything of the sort).

We had dreams of schooling, graduating and working together, being one another's bridesmaid and all that. With us, there seemed to be no "I" but "we". More than friends, we were sisters.

Except for the height and character differences, we shared 'every other thing' in common. Just that I'd always appeared prettier than she does. Although we disagree reputably, with unending dramas, we had a way of understanding ourselves.
Well, I guess I never knew that the word 'everything' would someday mean a few things, or worst, nothing.

Sammie and I gained admission into the university four months back and moved to the hostel together. Though studying different courses, I felt the more that we would forever be inseparable, seeing how far we've gone.

The past semester came with great changes, we stopped sharing secrets, we were drifting apart. She's made new friends in school, I thought. But I couldn't lay hold on why they don't visit. I felt somewhat jealous, but then I excused her wistfully. We are still Friends.

Last two months, Sammie started skipping lunch and dinner, she also started sleeping outside. It pained me to see my best friend becoming just a friend.  I barely saw her, she was in one minute and out the next. "I had one big assignment; an inspiring group study; a friends birthday dinner", she'd always explained.

She began thinking I complain a lot, after all, it's her life. I decided to hold my peace and stuck to a corner. I was tired of having my best friend yelled at me.

Sammie is lost onto a path directly opposite mine. Now, we have nothing in common other than the fact that we are both girls. It happened so fast and I can't tell why she had gone so far away.

Sammie drinks, she smokes, she does drugs.
Advising and showing my disapproval towards her newly found way of life and her gang of drunk, irresponsible and WHORible friends is making things worst. The more I try, the farther she goes. The last time I approached her,  she told me to mind my business. Perhaps, she isn't aware that she's my business.
I love Sammie, so much so that I always dream of her and her new life. 
I'm almost giving up on her. I don't just know what to do.

I'm watching my friend tie a noose around her neck. I'm watching her get swept away and drowned in a flood she deliberately jumped into. I am watching her so-called friends force poison down her happy throat.

One of my greatest fears now is that I don't get to write her a eulogy soon. I hate imagining she would die in her new reckless life. Or would she influence me into her new life?

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