By Ephraim Msughter Joseph.

Yes, they'd enslaved us by depriving us easy access to good education and quality life. But I think just education and social amenities aren't their targets.

They want more.
They want to benumb us.
They want to kill the power of our conscience, our reasoning, our mind.
They want to stop us from dreaming,  thinking and talking.

Their strategy has and is working.

FAO reveals that 50% of the children in Nigeria under five years are malnourished, with the highest prevalence in the North (Kano and Borno to be precise).
About 70% of Nigeria's population lives on $1 per day, way below our level of independence. (FAO, 1996 Global Food/poverty index)

Most recently, Nigeria - acclaimed  Africa's giant, has ranked 6th position on the World’s most miserable country according to Hanke’s Annual Misery Index, 2018.
This Misery Index is calculated using economic indices such as unemployment, inflation and the rates banks charge on loans.
It's a bad reality to our national reputation.
Do you think the government doesn't have the capacity to feed its populace and revitalize the agricultural sector completely?
Do you think it cannot set up adequate refining facilities so as to deter the exportation of crude oil for refining?
Perhaps you think it can't provide good education and establish Libraries accessible to even the least Nigerian.

Have you noticed that whoever speaks to an average Nigerian about what he really deserves is taken for an enemy?
This is why I earlier said that their strategy is working.

They've succeeded at making us slaves; psychological slaves, economical and even educational slaves.
We are now so comfortable with a democracy without dividends.
We have accepted poverty, hunger, and injustice.
We have totally acclimated to this atmosphere and are defending it.

I really think there is no significant difference between they that are institutionalizing our poverty and ignorance and those who are comfortable with it.
If you are not talking against the illness of our system, then you are no different from those fueling its ills.

But ba, my greatest consolation is that there is rising a fraction of this generation, like Pius Adesanmi, who have searched into the endless potentials of Nigeria, and with the power of erudition, they believe that they can change the narrative. They are crazy enough to think they can change a world they'd been born into.
They keep talking against it. They keep demanding. They keep insisting.

Even if they don't change the world, as many people think, they would not be  subjected to slavery, forever.

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