By Ephraim Samuel.

Dear Nigerian Students,
I suggest, Nigerian schooling system will make you just a pseudo-intellectual; whose scholarly degree doesn't match your upstairs. Your actual intellectual capacity is dependent on your personal education, or personal development. And this isn't some rocket science.

You are in the most competitive century. To be at par with your colleagues globally, you've got to leave the crowd most times, mute your mobiles, study your environment in the direction of your interest, read books you love and books about your discipline, close those books and get absorbed in the realm of thoughts. While reading, ensure you read a little about everything, just make sure your little isn't too small.

Most, if not all Nigerian universities have seduced many into training their memories rather than developing intelligence, which encapsulates the acquisition of knowledge and its creative application to practice. This garbage is engendered by the lacking in the sophistication of our educational system alongside the inadequacy of efficient learning capacity. Little wonder, the booming incompetence, and joblessness that floats in our labor market.

To fight this trend, you must learn something new each day, unlearn what no longer holds, and relearn what becomes trending. Don't be so into schooling that you forget personal development. There is an extent your degree can't take you; just learn.
Do not quit. Compromise can never be put in the same sentence with palpable success.

Conclusively, I advise that you shouldn't take for granted your acquaintances; lecturers, and faculty members. To a larger extent, they encourage your productivity. They are your potential connections. Build a responsible network around them.


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