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Text: Psalm 55: 1-23. Key verse 22.
We are all born to trouble. And so, we have lots of troubles to deal with as long as we keep living.
Nonetheless, some people have more trouble than others because we are all graced differently. Everything that happens to man is equal to man. Man isn't tempted above what he can bear.

Your burdens could be; physical burdens, family burdens, financial burdens, business burdens, relationship burdens, temperamental burdens, burden of sin, and so on.
The good news is that with every burden you're faced with comes the grace to overcome. Therefore, instead of complaining about what complaints cannot solve, unleash the lion in you and confront your burden(s), gracefully.

When you read the scripture, you'd encounter people who have gone through more than you think you have. Find some encouragement from these scriptural stories and cast your burdens on the Lord.
Naturally, doubt easily assails man when trouble comes. But we're admonished to not doubt God's ability to deliver and uplift us.
When we doubt Him, we put him in a box. When we trust Him and depend of his Grace, we provoke him to deliver us. He will never allow the righteous to be moved.

PRAYER POINTS: May God's grace abide with us richly and enable us to deal effectively with life's burdens.
May God rid us of all needless burdens even as we cast them upon him.
Rev. Meshack Samson

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