Mr. Tudex // Son-City

Emmanuel Victor Leo, (known by the stage name Mr. Tudex) a songwriter, instrumentalist, recording and performing  artist, has been officially signed to SonCity Records.

Mr. Tudex, born in Jos, Nigeria, is from the Mwaghaful ethnic group of Plateau State and the last of 3 children born to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Prince Anderson.

He launched his musical journey with a street concert in December 2013. Ever since, he has remained consistent in the delivery of good content. Mr. Tudex specializes in a range of musical styles, including pop, hip hop, R&B/soul and reggae.

His first single was titled "Faith In Jesus". He has also released "Tidings", "Oh God" and "Jesus is King." As a sought-after collaborator, he has featured on many albums and singles.

Musical greats like Travis Greene, Mali Music, Todd Dulaney, and Jonathan McReynolds have played a good role in framing his musicality.

As a Christian, He is committed to spreading the Gospel around and this can expressly be seen in his songs. He believes that until the Gospel is dragged to the streets, Christians will keep lifting Holy Hands in Church while the needy of Salvation are left unsaved.

Mr. Tudex believes that his engagement with Sun City has the potential of spreading his music in its originality, and so, urges the world to watch his space.


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