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SWEETNA by Words Diva

Remember me when you commune with our maker

On the altar of your heart
tell him I send praises.
Tell him about us
Our trials and laughter
of my sanely insane ways,
ask him for cure.

When you’re still on those bended knees,
don’t forget my one request:
that our hearts beat as one,
like the many sounds of a single drum
and if one is punctured
We both will be broken.

Before you say the final Amen,
ask him for surplus grace
the very one which will keep us awake
Until every angle of our misunderstanding is straighten.

I know you will ask for self control
tied to the many arms of the fruits of the spirit.
Tell him, I need double dose
enough sedate bad energy.
And if He still has that water
that drowns ego and pride,
let it flood our very being.

Finally, when you done
plant two pecks on his Holy cheeks,
One for me the other for you.
For I too will be on my knees,
doing just same.

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