By Precious Rex.

Most times, I hear a lot of people saying,  "it's my life and I can do whatever I want". In some sense, they might be right but I don't ever support.

A great man is he who always listens to the opinion of others and puts it on the screen of truth for scrutiny. As well, he must be willing to apologize, should he be wrong. "I don't care attitude" has cost many their greatness, friendships and lots more.

I have met a vast number of persons this year, whose life has impacted mine in one way or the other and as a result, I am able to make an influence in the life of others. See, the world is like a food chain; the life of one person affects the next person and it keeps repeating. This is why a single friend can be the cause of the problem or the solution to the problem of an entire community.
The bible talks about living a life of Christ. It explains that Christians should preach sermons with their lives louder than with their words because people are likely to change because of the way we act. The moment we accept Christ, we become letters. As a result, though it's still our life, we lose the liberty of doing what we feel like doing. The Christian faith demands urgently, the need to stop professing with our mouth and denying with our lifestyle.

Please, when people Criticize you, learn to look into what they say. For before the fire breaks out, there must first be the smoke. Most people don't just talk because they want to talk. Most times, it is because there is something to talk about. But all the same, you must not be a people pleaser.

Live a life of influence. Your generation will hold you responsible for it. God too will. Your life belongs to you, to God and to your generation. But you are your custodian. Live wisely!

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